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Rules and Regulations

Apart from all the rules and regulations listed in the college prospectus, the resident should also abide by the following code of conduct. This is in the best interest of boarders and also for smooth functioning of the hostel.

  •  Residents’ student must attend classes regularly. Bunking will attract stern action.
  •  The boarders will be responsible for the safety of the issued furniture, electrical fitting in their rooms and hostel properly. In case of mishandling or damage, residents will bear the repair charges. Fine can also be imposed.
  • The wing proctor will take roll call everyday at 9:00p.m. the boarder must be present in their respective rooms at the time of roll call and thereafter . Absentness will be fined @ 20/ for each absence.
  • It is mandatory for all the residents to see the notice board for day-to-day instruction.
  •  The boarders are expected to keep not only their room tidy but also corridors, recreation room , toilets, lawn etc. anybody caught littering will be heavily fined.
  •  Lights and fans should be switched off before leaving the room.
  •  Ragging is not allowed in the hostel and college campus.
  • Boarders should not keep excess cash valuable (Mobile ,Cameras, Computer ,Gold articles) in the room. The college administration or hostel authorities will not be responsible for any loss or damage.
  •  Residents students are not allowed to take the vehicle beyond parking area located near the college entrance. Parking Vehicle outside the hostel or within the hostel premises is strictly taken as serious breach of discipline and can attract heavy fine. College authorities will not responsible for damage /Loss of the Vehicle.
  •  Hostel authorities have full rights to censor incoming letters/parcels/packets. This is purely in the interest of safety of boarders and hostel property.
  •  Boarders should cooperate with one another and should avoid comments or misbehavior which could lead to any distress for other boarders.
  •  Residents are expected to show courtesy, respect and greet appropriately senior boarders, members of hostel/college staff and the visitors.
  •  Residents are not permitted to use radio, transistor, music system and electrical appliance in the rooms or outside. Violation can lead to confiscation and heavy fine.
  • Female guests are not permitted in the hostel premises. Male guests can visit ,but cannot stay beyond 9.00p.m. Night stay is allowed for blood relation/guardian of boarders but with prior written permission of Warden or Principal.
  •  Day scholars are not allowed to visit hostel without permission of the warden.



  •  Boarders/ Parents/Guardians should read the hostel code of conduct carefully. Ignorance of rules will not be any excuse.
  •  Principal reserves the right to alter, amend, add or delete any hostel rules and regulation at any time without prior notice.
  • Boarders are not allowed to cook in room or outside. Cooking area of the mess is not open to boarders.
  •  Keep and use of intoxicants of any kinds (tobacco, drugs, and alcohol) is strictly prohibited in the college and hostel premises. Violators will be fined and expelled from the college and hostel and their securities will be forfeited.
  •  Pasting and display of obscene pictures /posters in the room or outside is strictly prohibited.
  • Defacing of walls, doors ,cupboards, furniture, fans ,window panes is strictly prohibited.
  • College will not be responsible for any misinterpretation of rules.



  •  The principal or warden or hostel committee may carry surprise checks every now and then for ensuring cleanliness of rooms and hostel premises and for curbing unlawful activities in the hostel.
  •  All rooms including cupboard and belongings of the boarder are open to inspection by warden and persons authorized  by the principal.


 Leave Rules

  • No students can leave the hostel without prior written permission of the Warden or Principal.
  •  Request for leave will not be entertained unless it bears remarks from father or guardian.
  •  Medical leave shall be granted on recommendation of a qualified Govt. Doctor or visiting Physician of the college ,who should also certify duration of the leave.
  •  Overstaying of boarder on leave or after official breaks shall attract a fine of Rs 50/- per day.
  •  Leaving the hostel or night saty out without permission will entail a fine of Rs 50/- for every violation.


Rules of withdrawal   

  •  A boarder wishing to vacate the hostel must apply to the Principal in person through Warden. A permission letter for the same from his parents/guardian is necessary.
  •  Withdrawal is not allowed until all dues standing against the boarder are cleared.
  •  Hostel authorizes/college administration has full right to ask the parents/guardian to withdraw the boarder on disciplinary grounds.


Vacating Hostel Room

  • Residents will not be allowed to stay in the hostel during summer vacation after the university exams are over.
  • The boarders will have to vacate the room within three days of final exam.
  • Boarder must handover the keys of rooms to the warden before leaving the hostel.


Anti –Ragging Policy

No ragging is whatsoever form is permitted in the college as well as the hostel premises. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students indulging in activities amounting to ragging under”UGC regulation on curbing the menace of ragging in higher education institutions 2009”. A copy of the above said regulation will be provided to the students on being admitted in the presence of their parents. All the boarders as well as parents/Guardian will be required to give an undertaking as per the Annexure-I in the above said UGC regulations.