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Leave & Withdrawal Rules

College Leave Rules

1. Students should apply for leave on a prescribed form signed by him/her and duly countersigned by parent/ authorised guardian. Principal will grant leave on recommendation of a senior class teacher.

2. Leave approval is as follows:

a) Up to 10 days by the senior class teacher

b) More than 10 days by the Principal, duly recommended by the class teacher concerned

c) Names of students remaining absent from college for 6 consecutive days, without prior permission will be struck off from the College rolls

d) INR 1500/- shall be charged for re-admission

3. Total leave/absence should not exceed 25% of full course of lectures in any subject/paper.

4. Application for medical leave must be submitted within 7 days of recovery.


Rules for Withdrawal

1. Students leaving the College must inform the Principal in writing. He/ She must tender an application duly signed by him/her and counter signed by his/her parent/authorsied guardian. Until a student's name is formally withdrawn, he is liable to pay all College dues and fines levied.

2. No certificate/no refund of fees is permissible to those leaving the College without permission.

3. No Certificate of any kind shall be issued to students unless the arrears of fine, Hostel or College dues or library books fine are cleared.