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Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha Library

The College library is housed on two floors and a meticulous effort is made every collegeLibrarysession to upgrade the existing resources. In the session 2013-14, many new books and related resources were added to the existing corpus. An annual refurbishment of the Reference Section too takes place on a regular basis. The library has an exclusive section for the Postgraduate departments. A broadband internet facility has also been made available for the staff.
As per accession record, the library has a collection of approximately 48,665 books, 35 subscribed journals, magazines, 15 newspaper subscriptions and 307 CD ROMs. Special collection includes result gazettes of Panjab University Examsfrom 1967-2005 after which theresults are available online. Newspaper Clipping Service and Employment alerts. During the session 2013-14, the College library acquired 166 books (including History maps) in the subjects of Economics, Commerce, History, Physical Education, Hindi, Physics, Botany, Computer Science, Religious Studies and reference material worth Rs. 1, 28,785 approximately.
The fully automated College Library uses UGC recommended SOUL (Software for University Libraries), a user friendly software by INFLIBNET in a fully networked environment. An Online Public Access Catalogue is available for quick retrieval of information. In this session, two computers have been allocated for Faculty members with Internet facility.
Ms Anita Chhatwal, Librarian and her team of 10 members manage the library efficiently.


1. The library remains open during college hours (9:00 am to 4:00 pm).
2. Under book loan privileges –
a. 2/ 4 books to undergraduate/ honours and postgraduate students are issued for a period of 14 days with an overdue charge of Rs. 1.00 per book per day if kept beyond 14 days.
b. The students will be issued as many Reader’s Tickets as the number of books they are entitled to borrow. If lost, a duplicate Reader’s Ticket would be issued on payment of 50.
c. Reference books, text books, rare books,periodicals, CD-ROM databases and other documents are placed in restricted category and are not to be lent.
3. No Dues Certificate –
a. Before the commencement of annual exams or before a student leaves college/ migrates he/she will have to obtain ‘No Dues Certificate’ from the Librarian.
b. After obtaining ‘No Dues Certificate’ books can be issued on payment of special security which is refundable.
4. Loss or damage of a Library book will be met by a penalty as per library rules.
5. Library cum Identity Card A Student is issued a bar coded laminated Library-cum-Identity card,bearing his/her photo, name, roll-number, class and signatures, which he/she has to carry with him/her all the time. If lost, new card will be issued on payment of Rs 100.
6. General Rules – Use of mobile phones, eatables,belongings and valuables are not allowed in the library.
The Library Rules and Regulations shall be modified from time to time and shall be binding on all concerned. The Library Notice on Library Rules and Regulations may be consulted for further and detailed information.


Various Laboratories

Various laboratories related to Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology are extensively equipped with latest gadgets.

























Physics Dark Room The dark room laboratory of the Department of Physics was recently renovated. The laboratory caters to experiments related to ‘Optics’. Around twenty students can perform the experiments simultaneously.


The Biotech Lab The biotech lab is equipped with new instruments like Biochemical Analyzer, Water Soil Kit, Refrigerator Shaker Incubator, two Minus 20 Deep Refrigerators, Combined Electrophoresis, Medical Microscope with Plan Infinity Optics, Centrifuge Machine, Photo colorimeter, Vertex Mixer, Hot Plate, Incubator, Oven, Serological Water Bath, Gel Rocker with Timer, UV Trans illuminator with Shield, Laminar Air Flow and Autoclaves. The Department has a well-stocked Reference Library and it is regylarly updated with new books. The research facilities in the department have been upgraded with the construction of a new Research Lab for conducting project work of Post Graduate students.



                                                                                             The Botany Lab                 




                                                                                             The Chemictry Lab





                                                                                        The Zoology Museum


Computer Labs

The Postgraduate Department of Computer Science has five computerlabwell-equipped labs. There are 22 systems with Intel core i5 Processors and 20 systems with intel core i3 Processors in addition to 55 systems of advanced configuration. Three powerful IBM Servers manage the networking and all labs are interconnected using fast Ethernet connection of 100 Mbps. 4 Mbps Broadband Internet is available round the clock for faculty and students. The department has all sufficient facilities like OHP, LCD, scanners and other equipment to help the students with their practical work and projects. The department Reference Library is an amazing repository of 202 books, 110 sample books, approximately 500 educational CDs and DVDs in addition to subscription of 5 computer magazines like PC Quest, Chip etc.  The students and staff have unrestricted access to library exclusively for reference. Students are also trained to develop organizational skills and have formed a club ‘TechMates’ to organize several co-curricular activities. The department makes special efforts to ensure that the students are suitably placed in organizations such as Banks and IT-enabled services. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the department is dedicatedly engaged in producing quality professionals.

Smart Class Rooms