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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The College has NCC Army Wing and NCC Naval Wing. A total of 140 cadets and 35 cadets were enrolled in the Army Wing and Naval Wing respectively during the session 2018-19. A cadet is required to attend at least one camp annually and undergo regular parade of 65 hours during the academic session. Suitable fine is imposed on students who do not attend 75% parades.

Army/Naval Wings – The four cardinals of NCC are: Obey with smile, be punctual, work hard without fuss and make no excuses & tell no lies.

Main aims of NCC are:

-To develop character and ideals of selfless service among youth

-To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth and to prepare them for regular commission in army and navy.

As per NCC rules, a cadet is required to attend at-least one camp for one unit each year and undergo regular parades of 65 hours or 96/120 periods and 32/40 parades during the academic session.


NCC Army Wing

The NCC Army Wing of the College has been a matter of pride as its has decorated the institution with laurels year after year. A total of 94 cadets enrolled themselves in the Army wing in the session 2014-15.


National Service Scheme (NSS)

Guided by the motto, 'Not Me But You' NSS volunteers uphold the tradition of selfless service towards the society. The College has three NSS Units comprising of 500 volunteers. Volunteers are required to work for 120 hours in one academic session for national reconstruction and personality development programmes. Volunteers attending the 7 days special NSS camp and other regular activities are awarded certificates carrying benefit for seeking admission to higher academic programmes and jobs.

Various programmes were organized by the units through the academic session 2018-19.