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Admission Procedure

  •  Accommodation is available only to students admitted in the college, and that too on the basis of merit and availability of seats. The number of seats in the hostel is 380.
  •  Admission to the hostel is done for academic session only.
  •  All the students ,old and new ,must procure  the prospectus form college/hostel office for seeking the admission in the boys hostel. It is available on payments of  Rs 300/ at the counter and Rs 350/- by post.
  •  Admission seekers should fill up the hostel admission form and boarder card attached at the end of information booklet in their own handwriting.
  •  The boarder should also get declaration filled up and signed by parents on the admission form.
  •  Paste your recent passport size photograph  at the marked place on the admission form.
  •  Following documents should be attached with the admission form:
  •  An attested copy of the result card of previous year .
  •  An attested copy of character certificate from the  institute last attended.
  •  A medical fitness certificate from the qualified doctor.
  •  Students seeking admission has to present himself  before warden along with Father/Guardian for approval.
  • After getting approval from Warden, student has to inform Principal in person  along with  Father/guardian for confirmation of admission in the hostel.           


List of articles to be brought by boarders

Boarders are required to bring following articles for their personal use:

  1.  Full bedding (Mattress ,Pillow, bedcover, blanket/quilt)
  2.  Table Cloth
  3.  Bucket and Mug
  4. Hangers
  5.  Jug and  Glass
  6.  Torch with dry cells