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Boys Hostel Fees

a) Hostel  security(Refunable) 2000/-
b) Mess advance (Refunable) 4000/-
 c)   Admission Fee 500/-
d) Room rent 6500/-
e)  Establishement charges 500/-
f) Development Fund 1000/-
g) Medicare fee 100/-
h) Water/electricity  Charges 8000/-
i) Fan/elect. Service 1000/-
j) Furniture Fee 300/-
k) Dilapidation 200/-
l) Utensil Fee 200/-
m) Water  Cooler Fee 200/-
n) Geyser fee 300/-
o) Maintenance Fee 3500/-
p) Misc. expenses 1700/-
General Funds
 q) Annual  Dinner 150/-
 r) Fitness Centre 200/-
 s) Common Room/Recreation room 250/-
 t) Hostel Welfare 150/-
u) Hostel Activities 150/-
v) Correspondence Fee 100/-
Mess Charges  
a) Mess Charges of Lunch & Dinner For 10 Months @ Rs. 2100/- PM 21000/-
Total 52000/-



  •  All the hostel charges are to be deposited together at the time of admission.
  • Hostel fee and other funds once paid are not refundable.
  • Refund of Security
  •  No security refund will be made before the month of July of next session
  •  Request for security refund will be entertainment only when required formalities of leaving the hostel have been completed.
  •  If security refund remains unclaimed for one year (i.e. 31st march of next Academic year), security will lapse.
  •  Mess advance will be adjusted against bill of closing month.

    4.   Hostel Charges: hostel fee and other charges are subject to alteration by college

authorities. Any alteration is binding on the student.

   5. Mess Bill:

  •  The Monthly Mess dues must be paid on 15th of following month. Late fee of Rs .10/- per day will be levied on defaulters.
  • 25 days meal in a month is compulsory for each boarder.
  •  Breakfast charges are according to food demanded by the students.

    6. Medical ExpensesIn case boarder is injured or suffers illness, all expenses

incurred will be born by his parents/guardian.