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Girls Rules and Regulations

Rules For Visitors

•   Students are required to bring passport size photographs of the visitors they wish to meet along with the letter of permission by the parents/guardian.   In total four Visitor Identity Cards are issued to each student. Only those visitors who have the Identity Cards are allowed to meet their ward.
•   Parents / Guardian are expected to produce a list of probable visitors of the resident with specimen signature of them along with those of their own.
•   Nobody else will be allowed to meet / take her out either from the college or from the hostel other than the authorized visitor.
•   Residents will not be allowed to meet or visit persons other than the persons authorized by the parents/ local guardian.
•   Visitor is allowed to meet the resident only with the prior permission of the warden and after making an entry in the Visitor’s Register.
•   Visitors are allowed to meet their ward only on visiting days during the visiting hours. They will meet their wards in the Visitor’s Room only.
•   Visitors are not allowed to use hostel facilities.
•   No visitor shall be allowed to loiter around the hostel vicinity.
•   Parents/Guardians are allowed to visit their wards only on the designated days. In case of any urgent matter, they must seek  permission from the Principal.
•   Local guardians authorized by parents of the residents are intended to take care of student’s welfare and provide moral support.
•   In case the original Visitor’s Identity Card is lost, a duplicate card can be issued against the payment of  Rs.100 .
•   Right of entry to the hostel is reserved.
•   Parents/visitors are prohibited from entering the rooms in the hostel.

Outings/Inspection/Mess Rules

•     Every month three day outings on Sunday are given from 10 a. m to 5 p.m.
•     One night-out in a month is allowed with parents/ guardian only.
•     Resident going out of the hostel needs to get the sanction from the hostel warden in the outing-card issued to her.
•     Returning late after a day outing or overstay of night-out is liable to serious disciplinary  action, even expulsion, as deemed fit by the Principal.
•     For the weekend night-out, the residents should return by 5.00 p.m. on Sunday. The next day outing/night out will be cancelled in case of reporting late.
•     Resident going out of the hostel needs to obtain a gate-pass from the hostel warden. Entry in the register is must.
•     Outing on working day/hours will be allowed by the Principal/Chief Warden only.


•  The Principal /Chief Warden/Warden/ Hostel Committee inspect the hostel every now and then, in order to ensure that the residents are comfortable and are utilizing their time in a constructive manner.

• All rooms including cupboards and belongings are open to inspection by the persons authorized by the Principal.
• The hostel authorities have the right to scrutinize the letters of the residents, as this is purely in their interest.

Mess Rules
•   Good food at reasonable rates is served to the residents.
•   Decorum and table manners are to be maintained, and food is to be properly shared out.
•   All the residents are supposed to take their meals at the prescribed time in the Mess and not to carry food materials to their rooms.
•   Residents must observe meal timings. Meals are not served before or after the fixed hours.